Saturday, 14 April 2012

Happy Spring

After a long break, tomorrow I'm back to routine!

I had some time to rest, after watching 3 seasons of Gilmore Girls! I forgot how great that show is! so nice not to do anything that includes thinking for a change :)

Did some manicure + pedicure, at a very good price :) I really enjoyed it! 
On my hands - "Red My Fortune Cookie", the perfect red! 
On my feet I have CHIC 309 :) Perfect pink! can't find a picture of it! 

And this PERFECT perfume I wanted for a long time, I think five years now! and finally I have it! 
I Love it!! :) I had to decide between this and Burberry "Body", but I decided to buy this :) 

Hope to write more! Have a good week!


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