Saturday, 11 August 2012

New Stuff

Some gifts from a friend that I hosted from Germany :D. Milka is always welcome, and the rose scented body lotion & body spray are delightful.  Also in the pictures is a mini memory game of Berlin, and a lovely flavored roses tea <3 

New Nail polish from the last couple of weeks.. 

Lovely Pastels <3 by Gade

OPI - Care to danse?, OPI - Pirouette my whistle, Essie - Pure pearlfection, Revlon - Popular (203)

OPI - Care to danse?, OPI - Pirouette my whistle

Essie - Pure pearlfection, Revlon - Popular (203)

Poshe Top Coat - From what I've seen so far, it is fabulous! A must in every nail-polish addict stock. 

This weeks Manicure, I tried to draw some hearts with a toothpick and it didn't come out so accurate. So I ordered those dotting pens that I posted yesterday, hopefully I'll come up with better results. 


  1. could you tell me what numbers are the pastel colors by jade please? thanks a bunch!

    1. Sure!! from left to right - Gade 381 - Lilac Melody, Gade 386 - Angelina, Gade 392 - Blue wish!
      If you need help getting them I'll be happy to help :)



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