Saturday, 3 August 2013

July Nail Polish & Related Items Haul!

So, July was a crazzzyy month - nail related! I have a lot of new polishes and I thinks I passed the 200 now. So I ad to share with you all the new ones that joined the family :) 

אז, יולי היה חודש עם הרבה מאוד לקים חדשים - בערך 30! זה אומר שעברתי את ה-200 לקים באוסף :) חח כבר אין לי מקום לאחסון! אני בהחלט בעוצר לקים בחודשם הקרובים. 
את הלקים בפוסט קיבלתי מחבר שלי שנסע לגרמניה ושלחתי אותו לחנות של קיקו, מפולין - שם אני הייתי בחופשה והבאתי איתי כמעט 20 לקים :) ומהחלפה שעשיתי עם בחורה מגרמניה שעזרה לי להשיג מותגים גרמניים שרציתי הרבה זמן :) פוסט על קניות של לקים בוורשה, אעשה בפוסט נפרד ומפורט. 
מקווה שתאהבו, אשמח לשמוע מה הלקים האהובים עליכן? 

These KIKO polishes came from Germany, my boyfriend went there with a friend, so obviously he had to find me some KIKO's. I decided not to bother him to much with other brands. 
From left to right: 376, 236, 281, 618, 646. 

All these polishes came with me from poland! if any of you wondered where I dispeared the last weak, it's becuase I went to vacation in warsaw! I came back with almost 20 polishes :) I will do a speciall post about shopping in warsaw. I'm so glad I foung these Inglot ones, in Israel they are so expensive! 

From left to right: 331, 207, 201. A pink nude and 2 holo glitters, silver & gold. I got also nail enamal remover as a gift with my purchase. 

These I got the right one in ROSSMAN, the local drug store in poland. 
It is by a brand called wilo, and I can't fund the number in the bottle but it is a mixed pink & light purple shredded glitter. 
The left one I got at Douglas, another beauty supplies store in poland. It's my first flakie polish, It's by a brand called NOUBA num 447. 

The left one is by SEPHRA, num' 70.
The right one is by Max Factor, which we found in ROSSMAN, the amazing Fantasy Fire!

NYX - we found one shop of this brand (again, more details in a different post), And I just got these two, although I expected to buy more haha. 
Left to right: Dorothy 209, Paradise Nude 174. 

These are from H&M - Silver Frost & Basement Chill.

Essence! I love Essence! We found stands in DOUGLAS & also in another beautt supply store called HEBE. As you can see I emptied the stand haha. 
From left to right: 146 - that's what I mint!, 149 - hello marchmellow!, 138 - L.O.L, 118 - little miss sunrise. 

From left to right: 132 - break through, 107 - naughty and pink, 111 - english rose, 112 - time for romance. 

These two I also got in HEBE, Essie - good to go top coat - can't with to try it, & lemon scented cuticle oil by Kinetics.

And... one last this from poland! amazing hand cremese! The left one smells like truffles, and the right one is vanilla! AMAZING!!!

In the nest few pics you can see polishes I got in a swap with the lovelt Kesha, here is a link to her blog - specialy her last post about her amazing nail polish room! my dream! 
So - back to the polishes. These three are by P2, these are my first one's from this brand. The 2 left oned are from the sand style collection - 030 Seductive & 010 - Adorable. The left one is 890 lost in paradise. 

Finally! I got these Catrice polishes! I wanted these forever! 
From left to right: 30 - Lilactric, 430 - Dirty Berry, 36 - Mint me up, 840 - Genious in a bottle, 40 - I'm dynamite. Fortunatly she had a spare bottle of Dirty Berry which as I understood Catrice stopped selling! I was so happy to hear that she had a spare bottle! :)))

One last essence from Kesha - 109 - off to miami! The catrice's are from they're latest collection - C03 - The Salmon Dance & C02 - Green Days! 

Thanks again Kesha for all these lovely polishes! 
And that's it!! I think there are about 30 polishes in this post... so - no more polishes for me in the next few months! :) Any favorites? would love to read your comments! have a lovely weekend everyone! :) 


  1. קניה משגעת!!! תהני, שפע של צבעים, ממש חגיגה לעינים. איך הלקים של אינגלוט וקיקו מבחינת איכות? עמידים?

    1. תודה!! :)
      את הלקים של אינגלוט עוד לא יצא לי לנסות אני מתכננת להתנסות בהם כמה שיותר מהר :)
      לגבי קיקו, הוא מותג שאני מאוד אוהבת. העמידות היא טובה, לא מטורפת אבל גם לא גרועה, מחזיק עלי כמה 3-4 ימים בכיף.
      הייתרון הגדול שלהם הוא מגוון הצבעים, המחיר והפורמולה שנוחה מאוד לשימוש לטעמי.
      מקווה שעניתי :)



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