Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Fall Collections

Well I decided to gather up all the collection for this coming fall of all the big brands in Nail Polish. 
I'll Begin With my favorite Brand from abroad - Essie

Essie's Fall Collection is called Stylenomics. As you can see most of them associate you with wine color, the colors are very deep, and dark. I could not find anywhere swatches for the whole collection, but here are few. Personally The one I liked the most is "miss fancy pants". What's yours? 

Next up is Zoya which has no less than three collections for this fall. I'll begin with the smaller one, which is NYFW Gloss collection

As the name suggests the formula is quite transparent, and Scrangie here did a really good job showing how they look with one, two or three coats. I didn't really like the concept actually and don't think I'll try and purchase any of these. 

As appose to the Gloss collection, I think the Designer collection is really cute :). I really like Creams, so It's not surprising that I liked this collection. 

I Liked all the Shades as a matter of fact, maybe beside Rekha the red one. Also you'll notice if you look in the swatches that Evvie & Noot are very similar except Evvie is Lighter (which I liked better). 

Moving on to Diva Collection, which all of the shades are shimmers or glitters. Swatches can be seen here.

Next is OPI which are launching their amazing Germany collection. Like Zoya's collections, it's divided into Gems & Creams. 

The Creams are Amazing! The picture And swatches can be seen here, and also the Gems.

Colors Club's In True Fashion collection is still quite a mystery. This is the only picture I could find for now. You can see the same purple glitter that Zoya has, and also a dupe for just spotted the lizard by OPI. 

And last but not least is China Glaze On Safari collection. 

Again, Scrangie's review & swatches can be seen here.  Two polishes that I especially liked is Elephant Walk, & Kalahari Kiss - both are really special. 

Well, as you can see the Vampy & Dark colors you can find in every collection. But some of the collections managed to stand out with some really special shades like China Glaze. Zoya and Essie are the more traditional collection and not going to wild there. But I have to sat that as a collection OPI Germany is my favorite one - as a collection. But It's really hard to choose between that and On Safari which is very unique. 

What's your favorite collection and\or colors? :D 


  1. I'm really curious about the Zoya NYFW Gloss collection. I won a contest and this collection was the prize. So excited to get it and try to make some jelly sandwiches with it :)

    1. Congrats! looking forward to see the results! my true love are creme's so I really like the designer collection :) hope I'll have a chance to get it soon!

    2. this is a nice one -


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