Saturday, 20 April 2013

Nail Polish Haul!

Aww this is so much fun!! These are two nail polish swaps that I got lately thanks to two lovely ladies - kelly & Ci. Ci has a blog you can check out here -

nail polish haul essence hard candy

The Beautiful Haul! 

hard candy

Hard Candy beauties! 651 - Black tie optional, 668 - mermaid magic, 663 - jelly beam blue, 664 - gummy green, 661 - beach pop


The three Essence that she got me! :) 116 - Gorgeous bling bling, 133 - oh my glitter, 142 - grey-t to be here.

sally hansen

And 3 of Sally Hansen's :) 420 - pacific blue, 140 - rockstar pink, 100 - copper penny

And.... a lot of Siful colors! :) 

wet n wild

These are my first WNW in my collection! ^_^ from the Fergie collection, can't wait to try them! 
GlowStick, Miami Spirit, Toight's gonna be a good night, Hannah Pinkatana

sinful colors

Frenzy, Hottie, Pinky Glitter, You Just Wait

sinful colors

Unicorn, Cloud 9, Island Coral, Starfish

sinful colors

Pinl Forever, Cream Pink, Tempest, Purple Diamond, Amethyst

sinful colors

Cinderella, Why Not, Love Nails, Savage, Mint Apple

Thank you girls! 



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