Monday, 27 February 2012

Quick Update

This coming Wednesday is my last test! I hope to be done with it ASAP!
I can't stay studying at home any more! I'm going mad just sitting all day and studying.
Well, enough with the moaning!

To make my self a little happier - I bought two polishes:

After few weeks with different colors, I needed something neutral. I'm really into polishes lately!
it's my chance to accessorize myself with colors that I don't wear that often (or at all in some cases).
Tried the first one - with the traditional pose for showing your polish.
It's my first try! Promise to get better... :)

Also, I got my shoes from ASOS - it's my first time ordering shoes (I only ordered accessories so far),
and I'm quite satisfied! I'll show them soon.

Last thing, I'm really not into celebrity red-carpet dresses, but this one really blew me away -
Loved It! 
Great week to you all! 


  1. אהבתי מאוד את הצבעים של הלקים! תתחדשי!

    1. תודה! :) גם זאת חברה ממש טובה שלא הרבה משתמשים בלקים שלהם... ממליצה בחום



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