Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Birthday Haul

Well, a few days ago it was my birthday, and got a few little things.
Also, I've been waiting for a few packages FOREVER and today 3 of them finally Arrived.

My new A-England Beauties! From left to Right: Saint George, Bridal Veil, Tristam, Lady of the Lake, Iseult.

In this picture you can see on the right also the beautiful Orly - Miss Conduct. 

And the haul: 2 of NailzCraze Plates (Love them!), DRK-A Plate, The Polishes, And some water decals that I got from Ebay.

And the coolest this here - a Nail Polish Display Organizer for the table! ... but this, and another suprrise I will show you in a different post... :)

Just some new shoes ...

And some local birthday polishes... :) all winter shades!.
That's it for now..:D Thanks for reading.


  1. All looks great! Happy B Day girl!
    Can't wait to see what you will do with the stamping plates, and curious to see the A England swatches <3

    1. A-England swatches are coming soon! :)



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