Monday, 1 October 2012

Hello From UK!

Well Hello There!
For the past two weeks my boyfriend and I been travelling around Scotland! First we Hiked the West Highlanf Way, then 3 days in the Isle of Sky, then 3 Days in the Spey Side of Scotland, visiting some whiskey distillery's!
The trip was absolutely wonderful!


Now we arrived to London and we're spending 10 more days around the area. Because we're staying with my grandparents I finally had the chance to go online and update a little bit, and also, do my nails after 2 weeks without nail polish!

This is Careline 385 - Summer Time, which I had to get after this post by marina. It does look better on her skin colour actually, but it is still looks great I think, and goes along with the colours that we can see this upcoming autumn.

Well that's all for now. Can't wait to show you all the shopping and pictures from this lovely vacation!

Cheers everyone!

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