Monday, 29 October 2012

Our new Kittens ^_^

Meet our new baby's -> Louisa & Olivia :D they are adorable, only 6 weeks old. They are sister as well. When we went to get a car for adoption, we didn't mean to get two but they were so cute together and we just didn't have the heart to separate them. We have them for a little more then a week now, they're getting used to us and we're getting used to them. Be sure to get more picture of these cuties :) 


  1. They are SO cute!
    I think that the last kitten is waiting for you to fill the bowl with milk lol :D

    I think you did a great thing adopting them, and I hope together they will be happier :)

    1. yes they are adorable :) they keep each other company and they're good friends.. I can't wait to cuddle with them in the winter ^_^

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