Monday, 29 October 2012

KIKO new polishes

This is my third post for today, that's because I'm at home, sick, and bored. :).

So I'm using this opportunity to show you the new polishes I got from KIKO store in London, at the amazing "Westfield" shopping center. If you have the chance - it's definitely worth a visit - it's huge!

I must say I really enjoyed the visit. As you can see in the pictures they have a great variety of colors, and a lovely formula. I also bought some make - but today I will show you the new shades of nail polish I got. I can guess you're going to see a lot more of them the next few weeks.

338, 337, 346, 345, 328, 381, 227, 317 ,372

338, 337, 346, 345, 328

381, 227, 317 ,372

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